Virtual Walkthroughs, Remodeling & Visualization of Any Property

PlotRunner replicates real-world spaces into fully interactive, life-like 3D environments that can be fully customized in real-time and explored like a video game from any browser.

Photo Realistic

Pixel perfect detail means that you can bring your vision to life before buying, starting construction, or taking time to visit in-person.​

Interact and Customize

Add, customize, or remove anything from your virtual world - furniture, plants, windows, paint colors, entire buildings, and more!

Guided Tours

Join your real estate agent, builder, or anyone else to tour, customize, and make plans. Attach notes wherever you'd like.

Make it yours before you buy

Explore the full potential of land, home, or office before you buy. Customize and print builder designs/blueprints and apply for permitting all from the PlotRunner interface. Design the perfect building, see what it will look like, and get full quotes from local contractors before you buy.

Unbelievable Detail

Whether zooming in or viewing from 1,000ft above, our renderings are photo realistic and look amazing on any screen. From fabric textures to realistic skies and grass blades moving in the wind, it will look and feel like you're actually walking around in-person.

Advanced Remodeling

Add rooms, decks, outdoor features, pathways, garages, guest houses, fences, office buildings, and more from a large collection of popular designs and beautiful architecture packs. Need complete customization? Easily create your own or import professional CAD designs to drag and drop onto the existing building or land.

Customize with a Click

Swap furniture, change paint colors, add doors, windows, decorations, TVs, and more in just seconds. Browse a huge catalog of constantly updating appliances, devices, and furniture from leading manufacturers and retailers to bring your dream to life - down to the last details.

Net-Zero Cost & No Regrets

Selling a home? Sell for an estimated 10-13% more. Remodeling? Save up to 60% on design and 15%+ on appliance/material costs by ordering directly from our manufacturring partners. Most importantly, know what you're getting and what it's going to look like before you start building so there's no buyer's remorse when it's finished.

Sell Faster

Unlimited home visualizations without staging costs, time, or limitations. Furnish with a click! Swap designs and decor instantly. Show potential additions and renovations to get potential buyers dreaming. Don't make potential buyers imagine the future, show it to them!

A Huge Selection of Real Furniture, Top-End Appliances, and Decorations

We've partnered with top manufacturers so that you can explore top of the line devices and furniture and see what they will look like in your home before you buy. Confirm dimensions and customize the design, materials, colors, and more to make it a perfect fit.

Generate Quotes, Blueprints, and Construction Plans in just Minutes

Precision survey add-on sends a local professional to LiDAR scan your entire property for perfect blueprint sizing and construction plans at half the cost. Save a digital copy or edit in-browser so you'll always have what you need. Get quotes directly from local contractors in hours, not weeks.

Interactive elements

Live TV, turn lights on and off, and instantly change time of day with realistic sunsets/natural light depending on how you move move around the property. Experience how bright your home will be before you move in - add a window to two if needed to create the perfect balance.

Virtual Exploration

Explore and customize land, remodeling, and real estate from the comfort of your own home so you only need to visit the places that truly have potential for the life you want to live. If you're selling, more customers will get the full tour experience and can explore at their own speed - they can even "fly" into the air to get aerial views and explore every inch of large land plots in just minutes.

Automated Viewing

Sellers and real estate agents can create custom tours of each property with a character guide that looks exactly like them (or voice only). These tours are fully automated and enable each visitor to explore the home like you were providing the tour in-person. They can even ask questions and take notes along the way.

Pre-Order Now for 33% off

Available June 2020

Land Only

Farmland, Building plots
$ 239
Land Only
  • Up to 25 acres
  • Full Customization
  • Customize time of day & vegetation

Empty Home

No furniture, just walls
$ 799
Land & Home - Empty
  • Up to 4,000 sqf & 25 acres
  • Zoom Integration
  • Life-like details

Complete Package

Fully interactive experience
$ 1,239
Normally $2,500
  • Up to 4,000 sqf & 25 acres
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

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